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We daydream in typeface, obsess over color palettes...

We’re a women-led team of strategists and designers that specialize in reimagining brands. We are passionate about delivering results with purpose and direction – helping the business owners we believe in by creating brands that people fall in love with. We’re obsessed with the intersection of strategy and design, have a knack for translating ideas into experiences, and always bring good vibes.

We make a difference by creating meaningful moments. We daydream in typeface, obsess over color palettes, leave our egos at the door, and aren’t afraid of a challenge. We’ll ensure your needs are met throughout the process of project ideation, execution, and delivery.

After quite some time at in-house, corporate agencies, we realized we have all the heart, ambition, and shockproof bull$hit detectors needed to truly add value to businesses like yours. We started Glo because we love branding as much as Kayne loves Kayne. 

We’ll meet you wherever you are — whether you’re an entrepreneur with a vision, or an established brand seeking fresh perspective — we’re here for it, and have the team to make beautiful things happen. We are all about building relationships that drive results for the clients and people we believe in. We’re storytellers at heart with the vision to bring your brand ideas to life.




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